Phone Line Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Phone Line Faults and Repairs

Common phone line faults

Incorrectly installed or faulty phone cabling may cause your phones, internet and/or alarm system to not work properly.

If you are experiencing any of the above, or have some other phone line problem that is not listed here, please contact us for help and advice.

Who is Responsible for Fixing Your Phone Line Fault?

Telstra owns the phone line infrastructure throughout Australia and is responsible for maintaining its network up to the network boundary point. They will rectify any faults up to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or Network Boundary Point of your premises. You are then responsible for the installation and maintenance of all cabling, phone wiring and phone equipment beyond this network boundary point. This is where our phone line technicians can help you.

Specialised phone line testing equipment enables us to diagnose and locate your phone line fault. Our phone line technicians will be able to ascertain whether a cable has been crushed, damaged through corrosion, cut or shorting out and will then be able to repair your phone line.

What is the Network Boundary Point ?

The network boundary point is usually at your first phone socket or at the main distribution frame of an apartment block or commercial building.

Your telephone carrier is responsible for maintaining its network / cabling up to the Network Boundary Point on your property. Beyond this point, all installations and maintenance of phone cabling and telephone equipment is your responsibility.

How to Perform an "Isolation Test"

Follow these simple steps to see if you can isolate the fault in your phone line.

The "Isolation Test" outlined above will help to determine whether the problem is on the cable network in the street or on your premises.

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