Phone Line Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Phone Line Connections

Business Phone Line Connection

Your business phone line is very likely connected via an MDF (Main Distribution Frame). Your phone line in the MDF will have been "tagged" by a Telstra phone line technician. This tag will state the service is ready to be connected to the phone socket in your business premises.

Our phone line technicians are experienced and licensed to perform MDF connections for business phone lines.

Residential Phone Line Connections

Our phone line technicians work on the customer side of the network boundary point. Our phone line technicians install your home phone wiring and connections to your home phone sockets.

We also:

Please contact us to discuss your phone line connection. Our experienced phone line technicians will be happy to assist and advise on any phone line connection need.

Phone our phone line technicians on  0408 553 316
ACMA Licensed Phone Line Technician
Only use a registered phone line technician