Phone Line Fault Diagnosis and Repair

Is your phone line faulty?

It is just two little copper wires ... what can possibly go wrong!?

Most of the time the fault is in the street. Because of our variable weather, Telstra's copper wire network is riddled with potential problems. A moist environment and copper wiring cannot co-exist. This also applies to our home or business phone line wiring. Fortunately, your home or business phone line is not buried in pits filling up with water or being tampered with every day alongside other phone lines.

Your first step to recifying your phone line fault is to follow some simple steps. Your phone line service provider will always ask you to perform an Isolation Test to help find the cause of your phone line fault.

Have your phone line fixed by a licensed phone line technician

As licensed and experienced phone technicians we can locate your faulty phone wiring using special testing equipment.

Cabling that is installed incorrectly can result in your phones, faxes and internet or alarm systems not working properly. Our phone technicians can repair or replace poor connectors, incorrect cabling standards, rodent or pest-damaged wiring, corrosion and moisture damage, and accidental incidents.

If the fault lies beyond the network boundary point you will need to contact your telelphone service provider. If the fault is within your premises, we can diagnose the fault and repair it for you.

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